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Forged in Georgia

Known for our southern hospitality to our historic nature, you can be proud in knowing our American flags are handcrafted in one of the original 13 colonies of our great county. 

Made to Last

In a mass produced, disposible world, Rustic Firefighter is a company like no other. Where men still build, by their own hands, a product you can be honored to display or wear.

built on integrity

We are passionate about what we do and you can expect excellence customer service.

come see us at our next event!

Vintage Market Days

500 Wedgewood Avenue Nashville, TN 37203

Event Hours

03/16/2017 Friday 10am-5pm

03/17/2017 Saturday 10am-5pm

03/18/2017 Sunday 10am-4pm

"Thousands laid down their lives, so that our country breath this day. Never forget their sacrifice"

Here at Rustic Firefighter, every flag we make is in honor to all our Military and First Responders.


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